to a collective union of India


A curated kaleidoscopic view of
music, dance
poetry & art,

a confluence of thoughts, stories, and melodies.
Ibtida - Ek Mehfil curate experiences that are
woven from a celestial fabric by the magic of
Indian artists across all art forms to revive the
gilded era of old
A platform that supports the
underserved brands,
artists and stories;

Ibtida blends together art, music, dance, food,
spirits, and aesthetics to create immersive
experiences that tell tales of
old-world charm
& culture celebrating
Make In India brands With a
celebrated community
that delightfully participates in cultural
revivalism, Ibtida- Ek Mehfil is a beginning of melodies,
an initiation of friendships
relationships built under one roof, a revival of
the old-age traditions of
baithaks & mehfils
& the magic of Make In India brands, where
strangers unite in awe of soulful music
through experiences that flow like poetry,
to be enjoyed by a
symphony of souls in sync.

Connecting with the Disconnect

Sculpting out their inner artists,
our curators
Tanvi Singh Bhatia & Anubhav Jain came together to bring back the cultural ethos &
values through the melodies of a bygone era.
Bringing out the cultural revivalists in them, the
duo unites
artists & personalities from
the world of

art, fashion, gastronomy, spirits,
literature, music, dance &
more under one roof.
an evening of sensory experiences
allows the audience to enjoy
immersive evenings, where they
can sway in reverie & appreciate the
artforms birthed through
Indian crafts and culture.


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